Febuary Snow Specials Limos and Town Cars

6 Feb

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snow limo
It has been this bad and worse but with some flight tracking and early prevention, Crown Limo Kansas managed to get its guests safely delivered to and from the KCI/MCI airport during the last snowpocalypse. We will continue to monitor the road conditions and airport travel to ensure that all our guests make it to their destinations safely and on time. With many people looking to make a getaway from the bitter cold that is Kansas City weather, we ask that you consider letting us do the driving. We track your flight, pick you up at home and take you warmly and safely to the front door of the terminal you are flying out of, minimizing your exposure to the cold. No parking in a snowy lot and waiting to catch a bus while dragging your luggage in the freezing cold. Upon arrival home, your chauffeur will either greet you at the gate and assist with your luggage or if you prefer meet you out front with a warm car to climb into. This is a far better option than waiting out front for a bus to a snowy lot and scraping snow and ice before heading for home. Let us help you start and end your vacation or business travel on a warm happy note !!
**********February Specials**********
Town Cars : All Airport transfers 55.00 within loop 435.
Town Cars: All multi hour bookings 3hr min are only 45.00/hr
Limousines: 99.00/hr Sun – Thursday
The Navitar: 325.00 for 2 hours, 109.00 for each additional hr

Upcoming Events to Consider booking early:
June Weddings, Proms, and Graduations !!

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