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Listen up guys, you have ordered your limousine from Crown Limo Kansas, SCORE. You know that you have covered the important basics Stylish Transportation, snacks, drinks, balloons, and roses. Whats next ?? What color is her dress, what color does your tie/cumber-bun/vest need to be ?? Color coordinate you ask…yes !!! To bow-tie or not to bow-tie should be your hardest decision. So we will help you a bit. Find out what her favorite color is, the color of her dress and call Elliot at Roses Only for the freshest corsage and boutonnieres at a great price 913-432-0800. They are located at 5807 B Merriam Drive, Merriam KS. Elliot and his wife have made the most beautiful arrangements for many of our guests proms, weddings and anniversaries. They do a fine job of making the “perfect” arrangement. So now you should be all set…You have the limousine (or Town Car), 6 hours of chauffeured limousine service for PROM. We handle snacks and drinks balloons and a dozen roses. You order the courage (we can if you need us too), you dress to impress (bow-tie or not). We pickup you up and you arrive in style, take lots of pictures and have the time of your life.
Serving the greater Kansas City Area.

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